Domestic Violence / Abuse

Violence and Abuse destroy families and relationships every day. Every lesson plan is designed by an Abuse Counselor to impact the core of the person suffering from anger or abuse issues. Our professional Domestic Violence / Abuse classes use clinically proven steps to rehabilitate offenders and decrease their potential for relapse back into the same violent behavior patterns. Every course is tailored to meet or exceed the requirements of the Court, DMV, Probation Department, or Employers in the regions they are held.

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Available Courses   Program Resources Hours of Operation
Alcohol Awareness
Anger Management
Curfew for Minors
Domestic Violence & Abuse
Drug & Substance Abuse
DUI Risk Evaluation
Minor in Possession
Parenting & Divorce
Smoking & Tobacco
Theft & Shoplifting
Victim Impact Panel
Alcohol Awareness
Anger Management
Domestic Violence / Abuse
Drug Awareness
Drug Risk Evaluation
DUI Risk Evaluation
Theft / Shoplifting
Traffic School
M-F 8am-6pm Eastern Standard Time


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